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“Catch Breath, Press On”

This original speech, “Catch Breath, Press On” is a 5-7 minute synopsis of what is like when I started Dialysis 3 weeks after my 25th Birthday, up until my Father gave me a Kidney 3.5 years later.


• • As a member of Toastmasters International, this speech was written for the 2019 International Speech Competition. I came in 1st place in my state South Carolina.


• • As a Advocate for Organ Donation I wanted to do a speech that not only was authentic to me, but also spoke to the difficulties Dialysis Warriors face and Dialysis Veterans have faced.

Hopefully, this speech inspired others to Organ Donation and many people to NEVER GIVE UP no matter how trying life may get💪🏾.

Clemson Toastmaster Speech

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